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The escape room activity was definitely a worthwhile experience. Not only it challenged my creative and critical thinking skills but it also provided opportunities for collaboration. Right after the activity, I couldn't help but be excited for my teachers and learners. I was very positive that this innovative pedagogical activity will surely add dynamism, fun, and insightful perspective in the classrooms.​

Good luck and more power to your organization!

MR. Richard L. Oandasan


It was indeed a great experience with Educational Escape Room in Israel. I have shared this with my colleagues in Nepal. We are exploring as to how we can replicate it in our context.

Dr. Devkant Joshi


Dear Yael,

My experience with the escape room with you was a very exciting one. It was a combination of several fields of study. It looked like a child's play but behind that are rich scientific activities. I think the Escape Rooms can have very positive inputs to STEM education.


Edwin Nyuysever Mbinkar (PhD)

Republic of Cameroon

I would like to express my great interest towards the “escape room” activity. This is one of the most motivating methods in the teaching process. It can work in each class, in each school. The main challenge is the teacher who is to be trained and motivated him/herself. If the teacher has creative thinking and the will to develop self-skills, I think it will be possible to use this activity. It is an inclusive, interdisciplinary and collaborative method. One of the main aims of the modern education is to develop students’ creativity and skills.

As a teacher and school principal trainer, I would like to represent the activity during my courses if you don’t mind. Many teachers in my country know and use cooperative methods and skills, but the escape room is a new one for them.

It is a great pleasure to keep in touch with you and be included in your mailing list.



Hasmik Ohanyan


Thank you for your memorable experience during our training session. It was rich in educational and entertainment elements. Since then I'm motivated to apply its methodology to our education system and looking forward to communicating with a local representative for implementation of Escape Room methodology in Georgia.

Thank you very much for your support.



Nikoloz Meskhishvili


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