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What will happen on the next day?

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

So a lot of classrooms recently totally changed their look. They are much more colorful, have different kinds of seats, and very designed furniture.

Try to imagine what happens when the teacher and he students enter the new well-designed classroom:

"Wow! What a lovely place!" they will say, and feel very lucky for having te new space in their school.

Students will explore the new environment, and each of them will choose a place to sit: a chair, a couch, a bar. The teacher will look for her seat, and where to put her bag, but will not find. She will figure out something, took a board marker, and try to start the lesson.

"Where is the whiteboard? Why do we have some of them in different places?" Something in her lesson plan will not suit the new environment. The students on the couch and in the bar will not be looked like ready to learn. "Maybe", she will be thinking, "I'll ask the principal to go back to my old class. There I know exactly where is the teacher's place, the students' places, the roles are well-defined, and everybody knows what is expected from him."


This scenario is very realistic and based on previous events that showed teachers frustration of teaching in an innovative learning space. It is not enough to design beautiful new classrooms. Teachers have to be trained to teach in the new generation learning spaces. Teaching strategies should be developed in order to equip teachers with the relevant tools for the new environment. Investment in furniture and design is good but not enough. It should walk together with suitable professional development.

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