Who We Are

Pedagogical design and experiential learning

Ran Peleg, Ph.D.


A multidisciplinary educators the connect science wit art for the education of the new generation.

Holds a B.Sc.nad M.Sc. from Cambridge, a Ph.D. in science education from the Technion, and a Post-Doc from the University of Haifa.

Expert in developing educational escape games and in learner experience.

Experiential learning

Yael Bamberger, Ph.D.

Developer, designer, and researcher in the area of interpretation and experiential learning. Holds a Ph.D. in science education from the Technion. Has a lot of experience in developing edutainment programs for museums, and in research on teaching and learning In The University of Michigan and in the Weizmann Institute.

Expert in planning interpretation for meaningful experience based on innovative pedagogies. She is the coordinator of InterpretIL.

Nili Sessler

A stylist and designer.

Holds a B.A. in Psychology and Special Education, and a diploma in Communication and Press.

Has a lot of experience in organization management, as well as in interior design for organizations and for private costumers. Listening to the client needs is a milestone in her work. 


Interior design

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